Representation of thinking process behind design in artistic form.

For the beginning, when started to take my time in creating this artworks, I wondered where it will take me and what will be the result. But I new that it will manifest / reveal it self someday.

I don’t call it paintings or art, because it is the process of ( 1 ) learning new technique. ( 2 )To calm mind and stay focused in moment. ( 3 )And observation of thoughts in this process.

( 1 ) From daily work in black and white. I chose to try gluegun-technique, because it combines three needs of other techniques I tried to use:

Oil painting - gives texture, depth and thick solid colour, but it dries long.
Ink - dries fast, but has no texture.
Drawing - takes too long if used for large works.

Frame construction represents paper pages where from standard sizes that day by day fills whit projects and ideas, replaces one another, and unites the hole idea in next stage. It also gives the option to create larger paintings with no problem of transporting (functional side)

( 2 ) From the problem solving to other daily work takes large energy, that fills the ming of laud thoughts and visual saturation. I searched the peaceful stage for mind outside the meditation with the similar result, and i find it in painting and drawing process worked for me.

( 3 ) It is a study of ming and painting that reveals and revolves something new constantly. That I believe will .. I dont know jet.

Now I see that this is building in the same matter that every design process. It stars with idea, lot of chaotic ideas and thoughts from all the corners of mind. And it take start to clean up and get it shape in de longer process after all.

From the unfocused mind on newer ending static of thought, that one is loather then others. To silent, focused object.