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Balance between minimal design and simple, fast protection from bed whether. Light and rollable mudguard designed exclusively for the Fixie and Single-speed bikes.

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What we did:

Product design
Visual identity

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Shape is designed so it could be easy clipped to seat tube and taken off with light pull. Rolled in the small tube and carried around to use again when it’s needed.

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The packaging rolls, clips and releases with ease. Using the similar design approach as the mudguard.

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ASTE means TAIL in Latvian. Name come from look of the mudguard whet it is placed on the bike. Custom font resembles traditional wooden text carvings that resembles these limitations simple use

If you want not just blend in but stand out, we added camouflage pattens to give contrast on urban environment. Limited collection of three silk-print patterns of - Fire toad, Wolf and Snake plant.